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HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Installation

Find Local HVAC Specialists delivers premium air conditioning installation services to residential customers in the local Areas and surrounding communities.

Perhaps you are in search for the most ideal air conditioning system for your home, or you need to replace the old one. And your choices seem endless. Rest assured you’ve got the perfect minds for the job.

Our experienced HVAC technicians are trained to help you identify which air conditioning system is right for your space and your budget. But our services don’t end there. We will perform a thorough and complete installation of the unit to meet your specific requirements.

In addition, and as a standard procedure, our technicians will run all the necessary checks on every aspect of the air conditioning system to ensure that the entire system is working perfectly.

We will also test your thermostat to see how it responds to the sensation of cold air that blows from your vents at varying temperatures. Depending on our findings, we will make all the necessary adjustments until we are satisfied that the job has been professionally completed.

In addition to helping with your central air conditioners, our technicians are experienced at helping you make the perfect choice as far as the other cooling options that can help you enjoy a cooler summer. This includes helping you select the most ideal energy-saver cooling systems
with tax rebates options or a more affordable cooling solution compared to your current system.

Needless to say, that our installation payment options are very flexible, so you wouldn’t need to break a bank to enjoy your coolest summer ever! We can also help you with financing the purchase if you do not have the full price. And if you would like to reach us, but you run a tight
schedule, we can always schedule after-hour appointments, just for you – because your comfort, this summer, is our topmost priority.

AC Installation

Having a comfortable indoor air and temperature is crucial in any commercial business environment. This explains why you should hire an experienced HVAC professional for your commercial heating and cooling systems’ installation.


Energy-Efficiency Consumption

Profitability is a fundamental factor for any thriving business. A high energy-consuming HVAC system will cost you a lot of avoidable expenses, and is unhealthy for your business. Which is why you need a suitable high-performance, energy-efficient commercial AC system that gets the job done – all year round

Reliable Equipment

As is the case with a high-performance, energy-efficient commercial AC system, you certainly do not want an HVAC unit that constantly develops one fault or the other. You need an AC system that helps stay focused on meeting your day-to-day business demands.

Multiple Options

Whether your business is set up within some makeshift wall models, a standard office complex or an industrial rooftop unit, rest assured there is a vast selection of different HVAC systems -styles, models, capacities and price ranges that meet your needs and your budget.


We deliver the perfect combination of skillset and experience that are tailored to meet your HVAC business needs. Upon your request, our technicians will visit your facility to evaluate your needs. Then set up a new commercial AC system that is well-suited for your business environment.

Our HVAC specialists understand the importance of delivering top quality expertise and have vast experience working with engineers, architects, and contractors to ensure that an AC installation is done correctly, and in record time.


From the selection of the most reliable, suitable and energy-efficient HVAC systems, to its installation, and periodic maintenance, our technicians will see to it that you have the perfect indoor environment that enables you to focus on your day-to-day business needs. We do not consider any job too big or too small for us. Contact us, today.

Heating Unit Installation

Nohing compares to the benefits of having a certified professional install your HVAC unit. A fact often overlooked by some business and residential consumers. These customers, in a bid to save on the cost of hiring an installation professional, would enlist the service of an amateur to install their heating unit, or even attempt do it themselves. In the end, they spend more money on repairs and untimely servicing of the units, which may have arisen as a result of faulty installation.

The fact that the HVAC units are one of the most advanced systems in your home, is an important reason why you should never make any compromises during its installation but only hire an experienced professional such as Find Local HVAC technicians.

Besides being trained to follow standard installation procedures, an installation profession is familiar with the specified codes in your municipality; understands the regulations that apply, and ensures that your HVAC units are in compliance with those codes. These professionals are better positioned to easily obtain the appropriate code-compliant permit for your heater installation.

Find Local HVAC professionals are well-acquainted with standard installation procedures that help safeguard your home from the possible electricity, oil or gas safety issues that often arise from poor installation of heating systems. We always put these potential hazards into ensuring proper consideration to guarantee the safety of our customers, long after the job has been completed.

Their unmatched expertise in all the technical aspects of HVAC installation including heating units, wiring, & airflow, and combustion systems is seen in the extra-touch of excellence that accompanies our service delivery.

Your comfort isn’t the only factor at stake when your heating unit installation is not professionally done. You could be compromising your safety too. We understand that a poorly channeled air-flow, exhaust system or ventilation could pose a grave danger to the customer’s health – one that could claim their lives as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning – a potential threat from the poorly installed heating unit.

There is so much to enjoy when a Find Local HVAC Specialist installation expert helps with your home’s heating units. Contact us, today for a perfect-touch HVAC & heating unit installation!

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is a critical maintenance routine that should not be compromised for any reason. Not only are dirty ducts inefficient, but they could also compromise the quality of your indoor air – exposing you and your family to health issues such as allergies and respiratory infection. Hence the need to ensure that the ducts in your home are cleaned by experienced HVAC professionals.


Though somewhat a controversial issue, some experts recommend that your ducts be cleaned at regular intervals, while others argue that duct cleaning should be carried out, only when necessary; if:

  • The ducts are clogged with particles or a significant amount of dust
  • There is the presence of any visible mold in your HVAC unit or ducts
  • Your ducts seem infested with insects, rodents or other vermin


With the several possible ways of determining which service provider is most suitable for your residential HVAC maintenance needs, the days of guesses are long gone.  We present the most reliable solutions to hiring an experienced professional to clean your HVAC system and ducts.

You may also want to make inquiries from your County Office to determine whether or not the service provider you're about to hire has an impeccable record – avoid hiring an amateur that could cause more harm to your residential HVAC system. Checking to see if the service provider is licensed for that specific job could save you a lot of trouble.


While the cost of cleaning a duct may vary from one HVAC service provider to another. There are, however, some key factors that may influence what fee your duct cleaner charges. They include:

  • Your HVAC system and duct size
  • The Climatic condition
  • Contamination level and volume of cleaning work required
  • Accessibility of your HVAC system and ducts

    And more…


As a licensed HVAC duct cleaner with a vast experience in quality service delivery, we are trusted for our affordable and unrivaled duct cleaning solutions. Our technicians will make use of bio-friendly treatments to clean your ducts, to avoid any potential health repercussions associated with the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and biocides.

Contact us, today, for a free estimate.

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