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HVAC Services

Water Heaters

Water heaters offer a safe and easy way for you to have access to a constant supply of hot water in your home – any hour of the day. Especially if using hot water is your thing.

But having uninterrupted access to hot water may come at an ugly cost which may cause a dip in your finance or expose you to avoidable health hazards. And it is even more probable if you aren’t using the right water heater with the right capacity. And this is where we come in.

Here at HVAC SPECIALISTS we can help you select the appropriate water heater that suits your need and energy consumption. We will also provide you with relevant information about the different options available. So you can easily make an informed decision.


The gas water heater is considered the most efficient heating appliance for residential use. With an average lifespan of 10 years, the gas heater is capable of heating up to 75 gallons of hot water – and is commonly used for supplying radiant heating systems with hot water. The newer units are even more energy efficient, with longer lifespans.


In terms of durability, the electric water heating system is considered a perfect alternative where the gas heaters are not available. Electric heaters have a relatively higher maintenance cost when compared to the gas heaters. They are, however, durable and quite easy to maintain – ideal for an average family.


This next-gen water heater is gradually warming its way into more homes by the day as many customers are getting comfortable with it. They store a lot of water and are considered to be green products with customizer gas or electricity-heating option – depending on your preference.

The tankless water heater is relatively more expensive than the conventional tank unit, but more popular because of the better comfort increased and water-heating capacity that they provide for an extended period – with greater energy efficiency

As green products, their component includes less metal and plastic, thereby having minimal polluting effects.


Your choice of the heating system generally depends on your preferences – needs and budget.

For more guidance and information for your preferred heating system installation, repair, and maintenance services, feel free to contact us, today.

HVAC Maintenance

The quality of your indoor air, internal heating or cooling temperatures, and humidity - the HVAC system sure accounts for nearly 50% of your home’s energy consumption. And its performance impacts directly on your utility bills. A poor-performance HVAC system would, therefore, lead to an increase in your cost of energy consumption and utility bill.

With so much at stake, there is always the need to be in touch with for professional HVAC maintenance.

Upon your request, our experienced HVAC technicians will perform regular and timely maintenance on your HVAC system to determine whether or not it’s working optimally.


Avoiding a major breakdown of your HVAC cooling and heating system is a smart way to enjoy the different seasons of the year, particularly summer and winter. And carrying out regular maintenance checks on your HVAC system keep you away from an unpleasant surprise.

Other amazing benefits of hiring professional HVAC maintenance service include:

Convenience – A good number of emergency or panic situations caused by faulty residential HVAC systems can be avoided if the periodic maintenance checks are carried out. You also don’t want a situation where you would need to pay for unbudgeted repairs or installations that may not be convenient at the time

Cost-effectiveness – A stitch in time indeed saves nine! Emergency and costly repairs or installations are mostly avoidable by far less costly scheduled maintenance.

Efficiency – Regular or scheduled maintenance impact positively on the efficiency of any mechanical tool or system. It is also the little price that you pay for ensuring that your HVAC system is running at top performance and at peak energy efficiency.

Enhanced Lifespan – Regular maintenance of your HVAC system pays off a great deal on the long run – extending its heating and cooling capabilities. You will also not have to worry about replacing it within a short time.

Safety – A faulty or poorly functioning HVAC system poses a number of potential safety hazards including Carbon monoxide gas leakage and short-circuiting of electrical systems.



We know just how to connect you with a skilled HVAC professional who will perform a thorough inspection and maintenance of your HVAC system to ensure maximum performance and peak energy efficiency at a very affordable price.

Rest assured, they will do the following, and more:

  • Blower cleaning and adjustment
  • Check A/C refrigerant charge
  • Check the thermostat
  • Clean the cooling system's evaporator and condenser coils
  • Condensate drain inspection
  • Heating system gas pressure
  • Fuel line connection checks
  • Inspect your heating system's burner combustion and heat exchanger
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • System control checks
  • Tighten loose electrical connections

We are always happy to connect you with a trusted and experienced HVAC System maintenance professional to schedule an appointment.

Heat Pump System Check

The need to have your heat pump checked, regularly, cannot be overemphasized, or you may be exposing yourself to avoidable health hazards and high utility bills. And if, perhaps, you are on a budget, and you would like to know whether or not your heat pump is due for servicing.

Here are a few things that to check.

Although there are a few of these checks that you might be able to carry out by yourself, it is always advisable that you hire a professional:


It is highly imperative that the filters are clean to enable the free flow of clean air into your home. It could determine whether or not your heating pump is functioning at its optimal capacity


Typical of all mechanical components, there is the need to ensure minimal friction between moving parts. This is a great way to prolong your pump’s lifespan.


This is one of the most essential components of your heating pump. It determines the indoor temperature regulation of your home. A faulty or damaged thermostat can cause very discomforting internal temperatures.


The heat exchanger plays a very significant role in the movement and direction of air both in and out of your home. A faulty or damaged heat exchanger invariably means the same for the entire system. In which case, you should immediately request the service of a professional HVAC technician.


You don’t want to assume that your electrical connections are still intact even after prolonged usage of your heat pump. Hence the need to have all exposed and concealed cables double-checked to ensure they are in their appropriate places.


Say goodbye to the trial-and-error approach that only shortens your heat pump’s lifespan – costing you a lot more money than you should be spending.

At HVAC SPECIALISTS you will enjoy excellent and prompt heat pump system check by experienced technicians who provide top-class repair services on all brands of heat pumps. They will ensure that your heat pump is working perfectly.

They can also detect even the slightest heat pump issues early and will offer the appropriate pocket-friendly solution before the issue escalates. You can always trust HVAC SPECIALISTS technicians to do the following, and more:

  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Ensure Exhaust Ventilation is Correct
  • Inspect All Fuel Lines
  • Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Monitor System Cycles
  • Test Thermostat
  • Tighten Electrical Connections

Contact us to book our services or to make any inquiry. We are available 24/7; all year round!

Heat Pump Repairs

Maintenance services are required for almost every appliance in the home. While some of these appliances can be easily serviced using a DIY technique that you can easily read up, online, others such as the heat pump may require the attention of a professional technician like those at HVAC SPECIALIST.

Residential heat pumps typically work by extracting and transferring warm air from one location to another – expelling the hot air from your home, to the outdoor environment, during the warm months. And the reverse in the winter months, until the desired internal temperature is achieved in each case.

These make the heat pumps some of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC systems on the market. And like any home appliance, regular maintenance checks, and repair is required.


Servicing a heat pump can be quite technical. But there are still a few DIY servicing that you can apply before calling in the professional:

  • Check the filters monthly and replace the filter if necessary
  • Check to ensure that the thermostat setting is correct
  • Remove any visible obstruction that may have collected around the heat pump

Any other perceived heat pump maintenance service or repair should be left to a professional.


While the DIY may get some maintenance job done for you, there are other maintenance tasks that may require a professional expertise. They include:

Annual Maintenance Servicing: The condensate drains need to be flushed in order to remove any debris. Your heat pump’s refrigerant levels also need periodic checks. These two need to be checked regularly by a professional to help reduce the possible need for emergency repairs in the future.

Lubrication: The residential heat pump is a complex system, and having a professional do a regular check and lubrication service is a great way to minimize unexpected faults or emergency repairs.

Cleaning the heat coils: You will certainly need a professional to help disconnect your heat pump from its power source, before checking its coils.

Common indicators that a professional heat pump technician is required…

There are a vast number of indicators that may signal your need for a professional heat pump technician or repairer. The most pronounced of these indicators being a system failure or inadequate or poor temperature regulation. Others include:

  • Failure of the system to defrost
  • Dirty coils
  • Inordinate or noisy operation
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Malfunctioning outdoor fan
  • Refrigerant Leaks


Do not hesitate to contact us at HVAC SPECIALISTS if you ever notice any of the aforementioned signs with your heat pump, and we will immediately send a professional HVAC technician your way.

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