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Water Heaters

Water heaters offer a safe and easy way for you to have access to a constant supply of hot water in your home – any hour of the day. Especially if using hot water is your thing.

But having uninterrupted access to hot water may come at an ugly cost which may cause a dip in your finance or expose you to avoidable health hazards. And it is even more probable if you aren’t using the right water heater with the right capacity. And this is where we come in.

Here at HVAC SPECIALISTS we can help you select the appropriate water heater that suits your need and energy consumption. We will also provide you with relevant information about the different options available. So you can easily make an informed decision.


The gas water heater is considered the most efficient heating appliance for residential use. With an average lifespan of 10 years, the gas heater is capable of heating up to 75 gallons of hot water – and is commonly used for supplying radiant heating systems with hot water. The newer units are even more energy efficient, with longer lifespans.


In terms of durability, the electric water heating system is considered a perfect alternative where the gas heaters are not available. Electric heaters have a relatively higher maintenance cost when compared to the gas heaters. They are, however, durable and quite easy to maintain – ideal for an average family.


This next-gen water heater is gradually warming its way into more homes by the day as many customers are getting comfortable with it. They store a lot of water and are considered to be green products with customizer gas or electricity-heating option – depending on your preference.

The tankless water heater is relatively more expensive than the conventional tank unit, but more popular because of the better comfort increased and water-heating capacity that they provide for an extended period – with greater energy efficiency

As green products, their component includes less metal and plastic, thereby having minimal polluting effects.


Your choice of the heating system generally depends on your preferences – needs and budget.

For more guidance and information for your preferred heating system installation, repair, and maintenance services, feel free to contact us, today.

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